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Not comfortable shopping in person?
We can help!  


You can pre-order online for pick up Saturday.

When and Where?

Drive thru pick up takes place each Saturday, at the corner of Bush St. and Levee Rd. from 10-11AM 

* Note we do close the store Thursday evening until Saturday for our vendors to prepare for your orders.


Orders are aggregated (or combined) from multiple farmers that you choose yourself when you pre-order online. Your order number is listed on each bag and waiting ready for you. 

How can we pay?

You can pay online and keep the entire transaction touch free – OR you can pay in the drive thru. We are still be able to accept debit, credit, EBT (food stamps), vouchers, checks and cash too!


One thing to note: You will notice that some items are listed as $0. That is due to the fact that the item falls in the cottage food category (made in a home kitchen.) It is required by Minnesota state law that customers pay our cottage food vendors directly for any cottage food items. It just means that the Farmer's Market cannot collect money on behalf of the cottage food vendor, you must pay that vendor directly if you order a cottage food item.


Don’t worry, it is just one more step we'll help with as you check out in the drive thru!  

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